Whether you’ve had glasses your whole life or are just starting, you know how different the world looks with them on.

Your glasses make it easier for you to see the lines on the road, the signs at the grocery store, the stage at the recital, the work at your fingertips, the loved ones at your table—and the potential in yourself.

When you have your glasses on, you are safer, smarter, faster, and better. So when you don’t have them on, you notice. Keeping track of your glasses and taking care of them create a big responsibility. From cases to accessories, cleaners to tools, tips to tricks, there’s an entire industry out there built to make your glasses-wearing life easier.

But Lindberg frames are built better—and built for life, so that you can live yours.


How Did Lindberg Become a Leading Player in the Eyewear Industry

Lindberg frames are some of the first and only in the world constructed from 100% titanium. This profoundly superior element has found use in engineering and manufacturing processes for decades, but nobody was using it to make glasses. Lindberg frames changed everything.

Their patented and award-winning products challenge everything we thought we knew about eyewear. Lindberg glasses are stronger, lighter, thinner, cleaner, and more flexible and comfortable than the competition. And it’s all because of titanium. (Well, that and the innovative, genius masterminds at Lindberg who honor and harness the profound qualities it has).

Titanium is 40% lighter and 3 times stronger than steel. It is highly biocompatible, resistant to bodily fluids and corrosion, and hypoallergenic. Titanium is low in density, with a tensile strength and flexibility that would make Spiderman rethink his web shooters.


Eliminating the Need for “Do-it-Yourself” Repairs

Durable & Fast Movement Lindberg Eyewear

Titanium’s movement and strength allow artisans to manipulate it differently than other frame materials. Crafted without any rivets, welds, or screws, the modern, modular design of Lindberg glasses means that, at less than 3 grams, they are practically weightless.

Lindberg eyeglasses have a different build than other brands. You don’t have to worry about pinching, slipping, or tightening because Lindberg glasses are so thin and fluid that you’ll barely notice they’re there. That means you’ll spend less time adjusting your glasses, less time taking them off and on, and less time looking for that tiny screwdriver.


Helping You Face the World

Minimalistic & High-Quality Lindberg Eyeglasses

Because of the naturally thin, light framework Lindberg’s frames offer, you can choose which features you want on your frames. Design elements like the nose bridge, top bar, cushions, and rims are customizable and enable you to make a statement. Your personality, character, and face are finally back in focus.

From conception to execution, Lindberg eyeglasses offer a whole new perspective to the eyewear industry. Allowing you to choose from 35 colors, a variety of lens shapes, and unique finishes and accents, Lindberg collections give you control of what your glasses look like.

You see the world through your glasses, but thanks to the clean minimalism and superior crafting of Lindberg frames, the world can see you through them, too.

Bringing high-quality,100%-titanium frames, Lindberg builds glasses the way they’re supposed to be—not an intrusion on your face or an interruption to your life, but an invitation to see and live your life, better.

Our team at Chinatown Optical Group is ready to help you find the perfect Lindberg frames. Check out our Lindberg Collections or call us today at (833) 575-8188.

March 01, 2022 — Chinatown Optical Group