MOREL by Jean Nouvel

As astonishing as it is unexpected, the Morel collaboration by Jean Nouvel defies preconceived notions by bringing together two distant worlds:
architecture and eyewear.

About Morel

Morel’s history is first and foremost that of a family passionate about their work as manufacturers of the eyeglasses they have designed and created since 1880.

The French brand is both creative and trailblazing, making its mark on the public through its iconic models sold in millions of copies throughout the world. 140 years during which the brand has never stopped perfecting its know-how, refining its technical skills and cultivating its creativity.

About Jean Nouvel

As a world-renowned conceptualist architect, Jean Nouvel remains focused on his insatiable desire to experiment design and challenge creativity. Nouvel’s philosophy is rooted in structures that are pure and simple.


This collaboration consists of creating ties between universes that, at first, may not appear compatible, and yet, architecture and eyewear are closer than they seem. This exercise in style stems from a common approach to structure, materials, lines, and attitudes to offer a premium product without compromise.