Accepted Insurnace

If you or your family members are covered by vision insurance plans, it's essential to maximize the benefits annually. To make the most of your vision plan, start by understanding the available options.

Vision insurance plans typically fall into two categories: Vision Care Benefits Plan and Discount Vision Plan. Both plans commonly cover eye exams and provide coverage for one complete pair of select brand glasses. A Benefits Plan usually involves an annual or monthly fee, along with co-payments at the time of service. On the other hand, a Discount Vision Plan offers similar services and glasses at a reduced rate after payment. Some plans may also have a deductible that must be paid before the benefits take effect.

To determine the specifics of your vision insurance coverage, you can visit your insurance provider's website or consult with our eyewear consultants at Chinatown Optical. Our staff is haapy to assist you in understanding the details of your vision plan.

Additionally, we now accept MEDICAL plans and offer comprehensive optometry services at our stores. Schedule a consultation with us through our website, and we will bill your medical insurance. For commercial plans, there is usually a copay, and some plans may require a deductible before benefits take effect. If you have a vision plan under Medicaid, you'll be covered for services such as a retinal exam. Our expertise also extends to managing dry eye conditions, and our doctors are ready to address any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Chinatown Optical gladly accepts vision insurance plans from:

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