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Eye Care Services

Annual eye exams are important.

Vision can change significantly, and even if the changes are seemingly undetectable, a slightly enhanced prescription can make a world of difference in the quality of life.

Our doctors not only can give you the correct RX to see well, but also utilize the most advanced diagnostic technologies to diagnose early stages of glaucoma, high blood pressure, and diabetes


At Chinatown Optical Group, our eyewear consultants seek to provide you with the most professional and suitable recommendations based on your prescription and style needs.

We are thrilled to help customers select the perfect frame for any fit and style.

Lens Technology

Chinatown Optical Group offers a wide range of lens options. Whether you need to see far to drive or need to read something closer, our Eyecare consultants canadvise you on what is best for your personal needs. 

Come in for a eyecare consultation and discover our comprehensive lens portfolio today

From the people
From the people
It has been a while since I bought new eyeglasses. Chinatown Optical came highly recommended to me. I have now worn my glasses for three weeks and LOVE them. Buying eyewear can be tricky, and Chinatown Optical made it one of the most pleasant experiences. I will most certainly be back for more.
— Suzy S.
From the people
Amazing service here. I walked in with a request to cut my lenses and replace onto a different frame. The glasses specialist did an amazing job and the end product looks amazing and the price was affordable. The employees were polite and helpful when I came in with the special request.
— Eric Y.
From the people
I went in for a nose pad replacement the sweetest lady greeted me. She then seated me down and told me to wait a couple minutes, and in what felt like a few seconds she handed my glasses back to me all fixed! I asked her how much it was and she said “don’t worry about it ☺️“! AMAZING! They deserve every single five star review. As a broke Uni student, it meant everything to me :) Thank you!!
— Tiffany Seo

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