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Originally known as Brooklyn Optical, MK Optical has been a optical institution at the Sunset Park/Borough Hall community since 2006. 

Like the flagship store, Chinatown Optical, MK Optical curate premier brands like Cartier, Tom Ford, and Gucci but primarily emphasizes in a brands offering  that fits the tastes and needs of it's unique community.  

Book a appointment today with our optometrist and discover a boutique, luxurious experience in the heart of Brooklyn.      

5301 8th Ave
Brooklyn, NY
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MK Optical Brooklyn has been offering excellent eye exams and exceptional customer service from our licensed optometrists and employees for many years. MK Optical has been one of Brooklyn’s trusted optical stores at the Sunset Park/Borough Hall community since 2006. Like the flagship store, Chinatown Optical, MK Optical curates premier brands like Cartier, Tom Ford, and Gucci but primarily emphasizes a brand offering that fits the tastes and needs of its unique community.

 We provide comprehensive eye treatment for the entire family. Visit us for a large range of eyeglasses, contact lenses, and designer sunglasses at low prices. We have fashion for everyone at MK Optical, regardless of your budget! MK Optical is among the best optical stores in Brooklyn.

 We offer a high-quality professional service. MK Optical has Opticians and Optometrists on staff seven days a week. Our highly trained eyewear advisors will assist you in selecting frames that will compliment your personality and style. We provide high-quality eyeglasses at a reasonable price in a secure atmosphere. Gone are the days of agonizing about superfluous extras. Your prescription has no bearing on the price you pay at MK Opticals. All of our frames are built to last, with only the highest quality components and materials available. Buying glasses should be enjoyable! We don't believe in complicated bargains or surprise extras; we believe in exceptional eyewear at a fair and flat price. We have your back, and our courteous crew is here to assist you every step of the way.

 There may be a variety of unavoidable reasons why you are unable to do your routine check-up with an optician. But you don't have to worry because our office is a DMV Vision Registry supplier. You may easily schedule an appointment and get your eyes examined while sitting at home. And we make your work easier by referring you to nearby Eye Specialists. Our goal is to make our clients' lives as simple as possible, and we have all of the solutions to any problems they may have.

 After all the examination is done, then is the time for manufacturing glasses. When your new glasses arrive, they are in good hands. They select the optimal lens for your prescription and dimensions. From selecting to getting your eyeglasses, we make every effort to make your experience the best it can be, tracking each stage of the process to guarantee you receive your perfect pair on time and of the highest standards.

 Our optometrists can equip you with the appropriate contact lenses for your lifestyle, such as soft toric disposables, RGP, and colorful lenses. MK Optical is the premier lens center in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to all the amazing services by MK Opticals, every day, we provide free adjustments and repairs.

 We recognise that accidents are unforeseeable and can occur at any time, causing items to go misplaced. As a result, our team at MK Opticals is always accessible to help you throughout such hours.

 Our aim is to bring the world to you in order to encourage you to travel the globe yourself. MK Optical carefully selects eyeglasses from recognised international fashion brands to independent family-owned eyewear makers from Japan, Korea, Denmark, Germany, France, and Italy. MK Optical and our brand partners aspire to create a final product that will become an identifiable part of your appearance, style, and personality.

 Do not forget to make use of your vision insurance advantages if you or your family members have them. Understanding your options first is the greatest approach to get the most of your vision plan. Vision insurance plans are classified into two types: Vision Care Benefits Plans and Discount Vision Plans. Both plans often cover eye tests as well as one full pair of choice brand glasses. A Benefits Plan often includes an annual or monthly charge as well as co-payments at the time of treatment. A Discount Vision Plan offers comparable services and glasses at a reduced price following payment of an annual premium or membership fee. Your plan may also require you to pay a deductible before your benefits kick in.

 Why Choose MK Optical of Brooklyn NY?

 MK Opticals of Brooklyn is an eye center that helps you discover eyewear that is true to you and a terrific place to browse for eyeglasses, frames, and other goods, whether aesthetic or required. We can make online vision insurance more user-friendly. All supported by excellent frames and lenses, but at a fraction of the cost. We attempt to create a simple online purchasing experience that results in high-quality eyewear that you and your eyes will enjoy. We are the most reputable optical store,. We only carry high-quality products that have been hand-picked by our in-house specialists. We accept the most insurance policies and our optometrists will match you with the best style and fit for you.

 We want MK Optical's success to be judged not only by the success of the business, but also by the satisfaction of our team and personal progress along the way. That is why we place a strong emphasis on team involvement, training, and growth. We live by our principles and make them a part of all we do at MK Optical. Our enthusiastic and devoted crew is committed to providing the greatest possible experience, one that will put a spring in your step.

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