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The last time you made a decision, did anybody ask you, “Are you sure?”

Whether you’re picking pizza toppings or exotic European destinations, only you know if you’re sure. Most decisions and products don’t come with a guarantee. Warranties expire, promises get broken, receipts get lost.

Investing your money and time can be a risk—and your satisfaction and self-worth are too valuable to put on the line. So when you need a clear vision and a sure decision, choose Chrome Hearts Eyeglass Frames.

At Chinatown Optical Group in New York, we are a proud distributor of the Winter 2021 Chrome Hearts Eyewear Collection. Rock the visionary in you by requesting a private viewing today at (212) 267-1260.

How Bad to the Bone Becomes Luxury

Since 1988, Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark have dominated the market for luxury biker eyewear with their Chrome Hearts eyeglass frames.

Chrome Hearts is an extension of truly authentic biker style and fashion and is the industry’s OG brand for rockers, rebels, and bougie fashionistas.

Chrome Hearts eyeglass frames are a fierce embodiment of luxury. Luxury products are part superior design, part craftsmanship, part sensory appeal, and always include a social-narrative—at least according to The International Journal of Research in Marketing.

From a distance, this brand’s glasses look conventional and sophisticated.  When you see them up close, their intense detailing and in-your-face ethos really crank up the volume. And this product wants to be heard.

A Product That Doesn’t Do Humble

Sophisticated Modern Chrome Hearts Eyeglass Frame

The brand’s old-school design elements like daggers, crosses, and fleurs-de-lys pay homage to the past in biker culture, while pristine metallurgy and intricate laser engraving techniques bow to the future.

But the amalgamation of vintage and modern is just the beginning of Chrome Heart’s glamour.

The core of every meticulously and individually handcrafted pair of glasses is luxury sterling silver or 18k and 22k gold. Then, introduce the world's most illustrious natural resources, from exotic wood to precious stone to finely aged leather.

The Chrome Hearts eyewear collection is the ruler of craftsmanship, indulgence, and sophisticated appeal.

Chrome Hearts eyeglass frames make no apologies for their innovative, genre-bending styles and designs—and neither do the trendsetters who wear them. Show off the hedonistic hipster you were born to be with aviator, cat’s eye, or square lenses.

With unparalleled prestige and unrivalled reputation, this eyewear collection is all about rock and roll, rebellion, and living above reproach.

You’re Not the Best If You Can’t Own It

Fashionable Vintage Chrome Hearts Eyewear Frame

Products that ooze ostentatiousness, like Chrome Hearts glasses, aren’t available just anywhere. If you find them in selected U.S., Asian, and European markets, you can expect to pay for the posh paucity.

When products so steeped in luxury come with even steeper price tags, only the wealthiest and worthiest consumers can possess them. And when you become a part of a members-only lifestyle, you’re not just investing your money—you’re investing yourself.

When you don a pair of Chrome Hearts glasses, you join the ranks of austere celebrities and elite influencers across the globe. You also develop trust and start to identify with them. Buying luxury is a decision. So, are you sure?

At Chinatown Optical Group, we respect the authenticity of the Chrome Hearts brand. This company sells extravagant products that boast excellent engineering. It leads by example and embraces its own high self esteem and high standards.

At Chinatown Group Optical, we’re proud to bring the extravagance, elitism, and excellence of Chrome Hearts eyeglass frames to New York. Chrome Hearts can help you see new value in yourself and your rocker rebellion lifestyle through its luxury eyewear collection.

Your vision is important, but so are you. Invest your time and trust in our team at Chinatown Optical Group or call us at (212) 267-1260.
February 08, 2022 — Chinatown Optical Group