For Chinatown Optical 40 year anniversary, we would like to tell the story of Chinatown Optical through the eyes of our dedicated customers, employees, and family members about the values that sustained us all these years. Chinatown Optical, the first store of the many optical in our group, opened on the corner of Mott Street and Pell Street back in 1979 and grew to be the largest family owned optical group in NYC because our founder, Keith Siki Ma,  through hard work, tenacity, and grit created a business that exemplified his values of the importance of building great relationships and teamwork, providing excellent customer, and giving back to the community. These values continue to drive the business today.

With those values instilled in Chinatown Optical and, thus, at the heart of Chinatown, the community began to grow and has gone a long way from when we were 40 years ago.