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Chinatown Optical

Luxury Eyewear in 
Lower Manhattan  — Chinatown Optical

Chinatown Optical

Eyewear does a lot more than help you see. It can also be a fashion accessory and an extension of your style. What better way to express yourself than with high-end luxury designer frames that fit perfectly and complement your face?

At Chinatown Optical, we’re more than just an optical store. We’re a family-owned business that has helped the community find luxury eyewear in Lower Manhattan for over 40 years. Whether you need a contact lens fitting, help finding Asian fit glasses, or want to find luxury eyewear at a good price, we can help.

We’re passionate about eyewear. Our goal is to provide the latest in luxury eyewear trends so you can look good while seeing clearly. We curate the finest eyewear options from around the world, and we’re always on the lookout for the latest lens technology. Call (212) 267-1260 or request an appointment

The Chinatown Optical Difference

See a qualified optometrist, shop for designer eyeglasses, and get your eyewear custom fit in one convenient location.

Your Luxury Optical Store

Whether you’re shopping for luxury eyewear like Chanel or Gucci or if you’re looking for the latest lens technologies, we have you covered. We have a huge selection of high-end luxury designer frames and lenses that change color in the sun, block blue light, and more. 

Experienced Optometrist Team

We have optometrists at the store seven days a week. We offer a wide range of services to suit your needs, and our experienced team is always here to help. Don’t worry about waiting in line or traveling far; we’re here for you in Lower Manhattan. 

Comprehensive Optometry Services

We offer on-site eye exams so you can quickly be diagnosed with macular degeneration and dry eyes. Our optometrists can treat all types of common eye conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and cataracts. 

Shop High-end Designer Eyeglasses Frames

Chinatown Optical

We’re always hunting for the hottest high-end luxury designer eyeglasses. Our curated selection offers only the finest in eyewear so you can show off your style. Choose from the latest fashions, classic staples, and even luxury eyeglasses. Our selection of luxury eyewear includes brands like:

    ●  Face A Face
    ●  Chanel
    ●  Gucci
    ●  Chrome Hearts
    ●  Lindberg
    ●  Ic Berlin
    ●  Barton Pereira
    ●  Linda Farrow
    ●  Celine
    ●  OVVO
    ●  Optics
    ●  DITA

Chinatown Optical
Chinatown Optical

Designer Frames on Sale

Chinatown Optical

Our inventory is constantly changing so we can bring you the absolute latest trends in eyewear. Shop trends right off the runway at unbeatable prices. Here you’ll be able to grab a pair for work, leisure, and a fun night on the town without breaking the bank.

Designer Eyeglasses Sale

Chinatown Optical

Stay on budget while still getting high-end luxury designer eyeglasses and the latest lens technology. At Chinatown Optical, you’ll find a huge selection of luxury eyewear in Lower Manhattan at budget-friendly prices. Our prices are always low, ask one of our eyewear consultants to show you the quality choices within your price range. 

Chinatown Optical
Chinatown Optical

High End Designer Eyeglasses Frames

Chinatown Optical

Luxury eyewear doesn’t have to be expensive. At Chinatown Optical, we carry a wide selection of high end designer eyeglasses frames at affordable prices. Whether you’re searching for the latest fashion trends or classic styles, we have something to suit your taste.

We also offer a variety of lens options to suit your vision needs. Our experienced opticians will work with you to find the perfect eyeglasses to fit your individual face and style.

Our Team of Experts is Here to Help You Find the Perfect Pair of Glasses

Asian Fit Eyewear

Chinatown Optical

Chinatown Optical is proud to provide Asian fit eyewear for the Asian community in Lower Manhattan and beyond. Asian fit glasses frames are designed for people with narrow faces, with a subtle curve, nose pads to hold your glasses in place, and a nose bridge specially designed to fit an Asian nose.

If you’re struggling with glasses that slide off your nose or press against your cheekbones, Asian glasses might be the perfect solution. Specialized nose pads will keep your glasses in place, and you’ll feel more comfortable in frames designed for your face shape.

 We have all the latest styles of eyeglasses for Asians for you to choose from. Whether you prefer a classic look or stay on the cutting edge of trends, we have the perfect selection for you.

Chinatown Optical
Chinatown Optical

Why Choose Asian Fit Glasses 

Chinatown Optical

The team at Chinatown Optical will help you decide if Asian fit eyewear is the best choice for your unique facial features. We might recommend Asian fit glasses if: 

● You have a low nose bridge You have a wide face
● You have high cheekbones Your glasses often slide down your nose
● Your eyelashes often rub against your lenses
● Your glasses move up and down when you talk or smile

Asian Fit Glasses Frames

Chinatown Optical

We offer a wide selection of Asian fit glasses frames to suit your individual style. Whether you’re looking for a classic pair of frames or the latest fashion trends, we have something to suit your taste.

Our Asian fit glasses frames are designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit for those with narrower faces. We also offer a variety of eyeglasses for Asian men and women to suit your individual style.

Chinatown Optical

Optometry Services at Chinatown Optical

Our optometrists and opticians diagnose and treat a wide range of eye conditions. Some of the common conditions we treat are nearsightedness, farsightedness, cataracts, presbyopia, macular degeneration, and dry eyes. Our services include:

Service Seven Days a Week

Our optometrists and opticians are at the store seven days a week. Stop by and see us anytime, even on the weekends. 


Your eyewear should reflect your style. Our eyewear consultants will help you find just the right luxury eyeglasses that fit your style and budget. 

Contact Lens Fittings

We will fit you with contact lenses, so your eyes will feel comfortable all day. We can help you with all types of lenses including soft toric disposables, RGP, and colored contact lenses. 

DMV and Referrals 

Chinatown Optical is a provider for the DMV Vision Registry. We’ll also help connect you with local eye specialists if your eyes need extra care.

Repairs and Adjustments

We’re here when accidents happen and when you need a better fit. Come in for complimentary glasses repairs and adjustments at any time.

Emergency Services

Broke your glasses? Ran out of contact lenses? We offer a two- to four-hour service for new glasses (which may vary based on the circumstances).  

Lower Manhattan Luxury Eyewear Since 1979

We’re proud to be the oldest, family-run optical business in Lower Manhattan. Our team of exceptional optometrists, opticians, and eyewear consultants work hard to help every customer see clearly and take on the world with confidence.

 We’re committed to providing an outstanding customer service experience. You won’t find our unique selection of designer eyewear brands, comprehensive optometry services, and the latest lens technology anywhere else.

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