Are you interested in the latest trends for eyewear? Linda Farrow Optical focuses on pastels for 2022, using this color spectrum to make their optical frames stand out from the crowd. You can learn more about this trend with our team at Chinatown Optical Group.

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The Key Role Pastels Play in Eyewear Trends

According to Vision Plus Magazine, pastels represent trendy choices in more than the eyewear world. Pastels provide a subtle color for eyeglass frames, lending a feeling of airy sweetness to the look of your new glasses.

Fashion designers focus on using pastels to give their outfits, bags, and glasses a very modern and low-stress appearance. Pastels work well with multiple frame styles, including:

  • Round
  • Cat-eye
  • Hexagonal
  • Square

The New York Post identifies many of these frame styles as the best options for Spring 2022.

While some designers focused more on bold, brighter colors for their spring and summer collections, pastels provide an excellent way to offset these hyper-saturated options. Pastel glasses often provide a stunning counterpoint if you plan a wardrobe full of bolder choices.


Pastel Color Options for Linda Farrow Eyewear

Linda Farrow Round Pastel Eyeglasses

Image source: Linda Farrow

Linda Farrow Eyewear embraces emerging trends in the fashion industry, developing a range of options designed to provide you with the pastels you crave. Depending upon your tastes, you may decide to go for frames in:


Popping Millennial Pink

Warm and fresh pastel pink now enjoys its moment to shine in the fashion world. This color works well with most skin types, giving your frames an air of elegance and sophistication. We find that pink frames work best when paired with basic patterns and neutral outfits.

While pink has very “girly” connotations for most people, the color works well for most face shapes. You may want to consider wayfarer style frames for the most stylish results with this pastel color option from Linda Farrow Optical.


Look Great in Lilac 

Historically, designers have associated lilac with affections, grace, youth, and romance. Lilac drifts away from some of the femininity associated with pink while still providing a warm and eye-catching option for your frames.

Lilac frames look great with several other colors, including yellows, oranges, and reds. The cooler lilac color helps to balance out these fiercer color options, allowing you to express greater versatility with your outfits.


Bring Out Your Best With Blue

Ellen Round Sunglasses in Blue

Image source: Linda Farrow

Pastel blues make an excellent choice for casual wear. They work well with dual tones, and we find the color creates a stunning option if you like frames in alternative or strange shapes. They give you a great chance to show off your personality while drawing attention to your look.

Many models and film stars have embraced pastel blue as a color option for their frames. You can snag this look by checking out choices offered by Linda Farrow Optical.

Milky, pastel blues have a fairytale charm that often turns heads and catches the attention of onlookers. In many cases, this color gives eyeglass frames a sense of lightness, making them seem to almost float on your face.


Progress to Pretty Peach

Are you looking for something more subtle from your pastel eyewear? You can engage with this trend while maintaining a less eye-catching look by selecting a dusted peach option. This soft color gives your frames a warm and refreshing appearance.

Peach is a natural shade that works very well to balance quirkier frames. We find that the color represents an excellent choice for a variety of settings, from the workplace to parties in the evening. This color catches attention without overwhelming the rest of your outfit.

Peach frames work exceptionally well when paired with rich greens or floral patterns.


Feel Daring With Peppermint

The Attico Irene Angular Sunglasses in Mint

Image source: Linda Farrow

Are you looking for something new and eye-catching for your eyeglass options? You may want to consider mint hues, currently taking the fashion world by storm. Mint brings to mind different associations depending upon the season, including:

  • New growth for the spring
  • Breezes and warmth for the summer
  • The soft fall of leaves for autumn
  • Fresh snowfall for the winter

Many celebrities have adopted pastel mint colors into their wardrobes, including Lily Aldridge and Katy Perry. In addition, mint provides a great choice if you like simple frames or if you have an interest in more avant-garde options.

You can maintain a solid color for your mint frames or experiment with designs like polka dots and animal print. Moderating the amount of the pattern on your glasses helps keep the frames looking fresh and avoids a kitschy appearance.


Mix and Match Your Pastels

You don’t have to stick to a single color when selecting pastel frames. Mixing colors allows you to make a bold statement. You may mix colors on the frame or stick to one color for the lenses and another for the arms of your eyeglasses.

Many pastel colors work very well together, particularly colors like pink and peach or blue and lilac. However, if you want to make bolder choices, you can blend colors further apart, like pink and mint. Review all your options with our team.


Make a Statement With Pastels From Linda Farrow Optical

You can contact our team at Chinatown Optical Group to learn more about the latest trends in eyewear. We offer selections from Linda Farrow Optical and other designers in pastels and different eye-catching colors. Set up your appointment with our team today by calling 833-575-8188.
March 17, 2022 — Chinatown Optical Group