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Shaping the Industry With Barton Perreira

Barton Perreira began producing eyewear in 2007, with their initial collection. The fashion industry immediately took notice of the frames produced by the company, which Bill Barton and Patty Perreira founded.

Barton Perreira eyewear is handmade, resulting in luxury frames that catch the eye and look great. The company uses materials produced and sourced in Japan for their eyewear, with each product run only containing a limited number of pieces.

The company eschews the traditional production techniques we see in the eyewear industry. Instead of mass-producing thousands upon thousands of identical frames, they maintain small runs that result in unique and stylish pieces.


The Man Behind the Frame: Bill Barton

Entrepreneur magazine dug into the details of the formation of Barton Perreira by speaking with Bill Barton. According to Barton, he and Perreira decided to form Baron Perreira after they met while working for Oliver Peoples.

Oakley bought Oliver Peoples in 2006, and neither Barton nor Perreira decided to stick with the company after the purchase. Instead, they got together intending to create their own luxury brand, resulting in the formation of Barton Perreira eyewear.

Barton served as president of Oliver Peoples before its purchase by Oakley and, before that, worked with the Optical Shop of Aspen (OSA). He brings decades of experience to his work with Barton Perreira.


Seeing the Vision of Patty Perreira

Patty Perreira first got into the eyeglass field while working at Oliver Peoples. She worked with many design houses to develop eyewear collections, collaborating with designers like Vera Wang, Paul Smith, Helmut Lang, and more.

Perreira’s designs continue to earn her acclaim internationally, and many celebrities seek out the eyeglasses she designs.

Kimberley Young spoke directly with Perreira about her inspirations for eyewear design in 2021. Perreira draws inspiration from many different things, including vehicles, furniture, and jewelry. The company’s plans continue to make waves, with slated appearances in the new James Bond film.


Barton Perreira Eyewear: They Got Their Spy on You

The newest James Bond movie, No Time to Die, is slated to come out in the fall of 2022. In the film, you can expect 007, James Bond himself, to sport some frames designed by Barton Perreira Optical. Daniel Craig—who portrays James Bond—hand-selected the three sunglass silhouettes seen in the film.

In addition to showing up in the movie, you can find the frames in the Barton Perreira x 007 Collection. The Collection gives you access to Barton Perreira frames specifically designed with the sophisticated nature and skill of the world’s best-known special agent in mind.

The company produced the following styles for the 007 series:



"Joe" Black Vintage Grey Lens Sunglasses (No Time To Die Collection)

Image source: Barton Perreira

Are you interested in a rectangular-framed option? Consider the Joe, which comes in four different shades. The company drew inspiration from the various locations used while shooting the film to develop the shades.



Barton Perreira: "Norton" Chestnut Bottle Green Lens Sunglasses (No Time To Die Collection)

Image source: Barton Perreira

Perhaps you’re more interested in a circular frame. In this situation, consider the Norton, which comes with tortoise frames.



Barton Perreira: "Courtier" Stylish Rounded Frames Sunglasses (No Time To Die Collection)

Image source: Barton Perreira

Finally, Barton Perreira developed an aviator style for the 007 series, calling this model the Courtier. Regardless of the style you choose, you get timeless style from any eyeglasses purchased from Barton Perreira Optical.


What Makes a Barton Perreira Frame Unique

What is it about Barton Perreira frames that made the company the perfect choice to design eyewear for the newest installment of the 007 franchise? The brand encapsulates luxury in a way few others can claim for eyewear.

While many eyewear manufacturers produce hundreds—if not thousands—of glasses in a single day, it may take weeks to finish a single Barton Perreira frame. The company uses Japanese craftsmanship supported by:

  • Lightweight titanium
  • Hand-painted accents
  • Hand-dipped lenses

These features make Barton Perreira eyewear stand out from the crowd, providing you with unique and stunning options that make a statement each time you wear them.


Look to the Future of the Barton Perreira Brand

After fifteen years, it’s safe to say that Barton Perreira has established its position in the eyewear industry. The company creates personal, luxury eyewear designed to meet the taste of discerning consumers.

The company’s frames work well with various skin tones and face shapes, providing you with options when you go shopping for eyewear. Once you select a frame that works for you, you can feel confident about getting an option produced with care and exquisite attention to detail.

The company constantly tries to keep things fresh, looking for new ideas involving concepts, colors, and designs, resulting in a company that stands out in a highly competitive industry. Barton Perreira continues to operate out of Southern California, drawing on the area’s sense of style and vitality.


Learn More About Barton Perreira Optical With Our Team

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March 22, 2022 — Chinatown Optical Group