Glasses are not only a tool to help you see clearly. They become a fashion item to complete your outfit, make your statement, and enhance your style. For people who are looking for bolder, more colorful eyewear pieces, FACE A FACE will be the perfect brand.

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Get To Know About FACE A FACE

Born in Paris, FACE A FACE was founded in 1995 by Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth and remains the epitome of optical luxury. FACE A FACE exudes audacity, exquisite and daring; drawing inspiration from modern art, architecture, and contemporary design. Every concept is a master of colors and volumes, far from standardized fashion or conformist trends.

FACE A FACE is bold. Their frames stand out. The brand sees itself as a pioneer, trailblazer, radical innovator, and unconventional revolutionary of style. By blending the best of their creative minds with the most audacious artistic culture from Paris and around the world, you won’t find anything conformist or conventional in their collection.

Eyewear that Make Your Statement

FACE A FACE believes eyewear should be as unique as the individual wearing it. Individualism is what drives FACE A FACE’s creativity and pioneering spirit. As such, they dedicate their eyewear to the extraordinary diversity of human personalities.

What Makes Face À Face Frames Unique

The FACE A FACE design team remains in Paris and frames are crafted in France, Italy and Japan, where the finest skills are realized upon creating each unique design. The location always reflects the expertise required to craft each unique piece of “frame artwork.”

FACE A FACE frames are crafted using only the finest materials: from 100% organic acetate to space-grade titanium. This makes the frames strong, durable, flexible, lightweight, hypoallergenic, biocompatible, and most important of all, comfortable. Most importantly, every frame is coated in a FACE A FACE exclusive color palette.

Face À Face Capsule Collections

The 3 capsule collections provide a portfolio of lifestyle options for the discerning client. Each has its unique character, style and emotion like the individuals who wear it.

  •  FACE A FACE: Like elaborate masterpieces, every frame is handcrafted to highlight the beauty of the eyes. Explore the fine sculpted lines of the brow, exquisite combination of materials, unique shapes and the vibrant color palettes. Be enchanted- for men and women.
  •  BOCCA: BOCCA is inspired by surrealism and has its temples sculpted, forming legs and a shoe at the tip of the temple. Always bold, feminine yet provocative and chic.
  •  ALIUM: Crafted for men, with a passion for international design, sport and an eye for innovation in every detail. Adorned in aluminum and combinations with fine acetate – always expressed in fashionable colors.

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October 26, 2022 — Chinatown Optical Group