If you or your family members have vision insurance plans please be sure to take advantage of their benefits. The best way to make the most out of your vision plan is to understand your options first.

Vision insurance plans generally fall under TWO categories: Vision Care Benefits Plan and Discount Vision Plan. Both plans usually cover eye exams, and one complete pair of select brand glasses. A Benefits Plan generally requires an annual fee or monthly fee and co-payments at the time of service. A Discount Vision Plan provides similar services and glasses at a discount after payment is made of either an annual premium or membership fee. Your plan may also require that a deductible to be paid before your benefits take effect. To know exactly what your vision insurance plan covers, you can visit your insurance provider’s website or simply ask our eyewear consultants at Chinatown Optical. Our staff would be more than happy to help look into your vision plan and explain the details.

We accept vision insurance plan from: