Over 8,000 creatures call the Aquarium in Coney Island their home. The entire family will have a good time at the Aquarium. You can discover incredible sharks, amusing sea otters, and much more. The renowned boardwalk of Coney Island continues to include the New York Aquarium, located in Brooklyn area, as a must-see attraction. The most recent, highly acclaimed exhibit, Ocean Wonders: Sharks, has interactive and immersive exhibits that place you nine inches away from 18 kinds of sharks and a hundred other marine organisms. It contains more than 500,000 gallons of water. This year-round attraction is devoted to educating people about the world of sharks, the significant role they play, and the challenges they face while showcasing the beautiful biodiversity just off our New York beaches. Through unique exhibitions, public activities, and research, it seeks to increase public awareness of problems affecting the ocean and its people. The local conservation program for WCS, the New York Seascape program, is housed in the aquarium and aims to safeguard New York waters and restore healthy populations of marine species, both of which are essential to the region's economic and cultural vitality.

The oldest continuously running aquarium in the nation offers an up-close-and-personal look at both Atlantic and Pacific Ocean life in its current displays, which include a sea lion pool, penguin habitat, restored reef, shark exploration, and more. Although the mermaids that are frequently associated with Coney Island are not on the show, fans of fictitious aquatic life might appreciate the 4-D SpongeBob experience. The venue will leave you with an expanded and renewed desire for protecting the environment, with a determined purpose of preserving the seas and aquatic life.

Watch penguins or sea otters eat at daily live feedings before heading to the neighboring food carts for your required Coney Island dosage of ice cream and cheese fries. Observing otters whirl in the water while vocally devouring entire fish is often the highlight of aquarium trips. Eels, rays, and numerous species are kept in glass enclosures at Conservation Hall and Glover's Reef so you can see them swim practically as if you were in the water with them. Touching pools allow you to feel certain species' slippery surfaces, and the captivating tanks are soothing enough to gaze at for extended periods of time.

With so many activities around and being on the ocean, it's a great area for youngsters to spend their day.

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