Experts in the medical field frequently claim that eyecare is an often overlooked component of healthcare. Many people often take their vision for granted and the lack of eye health awareness have lead to 1 in 3 people have uncorrected vision problems. 

Here are ways that you may be unknowingly hurting your eyes

1)Not protecting them from Ultraviolet rays
When you go out to the beach or spend an extended time outdoors, you wear sunscreen. The sun’s rays omit a powerful and harmful ultraviolet waves that, not only damages your skin, but, given how sensitive your eyes are, hurts your eyes and vision as well.

UV rays causes cataracts and they one of the leading causes of blindness. More than half of the senior population by the age of 80 in America require cataract surgery.

How to prevent this is to use glasses 100% UV protection. Not only would it protect your eyes, but it will also elevate your style. If you are a careless type and tend to lose your sunglasses, you can consider getting photo-chromatic, or transition lens. These are lenses that act as regular glasses indoors and, when exposed to UV light, turn into sunglasses.

They are very convenient if you use your glasses all the time. They change whenever they are exposed to UV therefore ensuring that you’ll always be protected.

2) Spending too much time in front of your digital devices
Ever felt tired after spending a long time in front of the computer? Computer screens, smartphones, tablets, fluorescent bulbs emit blue light. Blue light is a range of light between 400-490nm that contains the highest amount of energy with the shortest wavelength in the visible light spectrum. 

Its harm is well documented in how it suppresses melatonin, a chemical that regulates your sleep cycle, cause digital eye strain, blurry vision, difficulty focusing, headaches, watery or dry eyes, and may be linked to macular degeneration.

Ways to prevent harm from blue light include:

  • Avoid looking at bright screens beginning two to three hours before bed.
  • If you use a lot of electronic devices, consider wearing blue-blocking glasses to filter blue-violet light and contribute to reducing its potential harmful effects on the eye.
  • Limit the time you spend on electronic devices as much as possible (take a break and look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.)


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